“TO BAZAKI” Juice Bar – Delivery Van Branding

Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration
“TO BAZAKI” Juice Bar (meaning “THE JAR” in Greek) is a juice bar located in Athens. After 6 years of success in juice cleanse and healthy nutrition business, they decided to develop their services such as catering and delivery. For this reason, a retro van was restored and formed in order to support this goal.

I was asked to design the graphics for the van, trying to be aligned with the visual identity I had already created. The proposal I came up with wasn’t a typical implementation of the existing visual identity. Actually, I decided to create a flexible visual system, consisting of stickers with icons and quotes, that communicates the new services and the overall philosophy of the juice bar. Additionally, a vibrant colour palette was used contrasting with the already selected colour of the van.

The result is a fun moving vehicle making a statement and the brand’s presence felt in the busy streets of Athens.