ÉSOPHY Crunchies Packaging

Graphic Design, Illustration, Packaging
ÉSOPHY is the successful venture of two passionate professional chocolatiers in Athens, Greece, who create fresh chocolates inspired by traditional Mediterranean flavors and culture. Their recipes are designed in-house and the chocolates are prepared using only top-quality ingredients. Their boutique and in-shop kitchen is a light and airy space, which allows customers to watch the chocolates being made in front of their eyes.

The client’s brief primarily focused on the need to create four new packagings, which would differ from each other in terms of their colors, so that each one of them would effortlessly connect with a specific flavor. The designs should be in line with, and further support, the existing visual identity of ÉSOPHY. This identity, which was embraced right from the beginning by the company, exudes an organic, almost earthly nature but also carries the premium character of the products.

Accordingly, the design and distinctiveness of the packaging was inspired by the ingredients of each product. Vivid colors and playful drawings are there to seduce the customers and allure them to a unique palette of tastes. But they also support each individual packaging and make it stand out on its own. The feeling of indulgence continues with the velvety touch of the cylindrical box. As a final whiff of luxury, gold-foiled product descriptions on a background of sheer black provide not just material information but a promise which is about to be fulfilled. Together, these design and production elements not only evolve from the current identity and character of freshness and richness, starting from the ingredients right to the final product, but also reinforce it and pave the way for more exciting additions in the future.