ÉSOPHY Cacao Nibbles

Graphic Design, Illustration, Packaging
Here is the design of Cacao Nibbles, the new product line of ÉSOPHY Chocolates, which makes chocolates inspired from the tradition and ingredients of the Mediterranean in its signature, open-pastry-kitchen outlets. This new line consists of three flavors based on carefully selected dry nuts (cashews, pecan and mixed), all of which are artfully combined with cocoa of the highest quality.

But, being a niche category, Cacao Nibbles should stand out when the three newcomers found themselves on the shelves of the exclusive ÉSOPHY store, next to the other ÉSOPHY chocolate products.

To achieve this, we opted for a freehand drawing of the product name, which dominates the visual of the packaging. The end result blends harmoniously the personality of the new items with both the central concept of handmade products and the aesthetic identity of the other product lines.

The illustration of the nuts themselves is unpretentious and realistic, and conveys the required information to the consumer in a simple, efficient manner. The color palette that was used is also quite unique and was chosen to increase the products’ desirability and attractiveness through a modern-pop character.

The choice of high-quality paper, the use of embossment on the front, and the round, peeping window at the left side that affords a view of what to expect all add value to the distinctive character of the products.