The SNFCC store limited series design

Graphic Design, Illustration
In 2022, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) in Athens hosted Louise Bourgeois’s famous “Maman” sculpture. On that occasion, SNFCC asked me to create a series of artworks that should be inspired by her work, yet not allude to the spider per se but a spider’s web, instead. The artwork was destined to be used for printing on a limited series of objects (plexiglass decorative items, plexiglass and paper coasters, espresso cups, sous plats, socks and magnets), for sale through their store.

The fundamental idea was to design a series of spider webs that would not conform to the usual geometrical patterns, which can be found in nature, but rather possess a sense of life and motion endowed to them by the distorting effect of a wind blowing them softly away from their anchor point.  To further bring in an element from Bourgeois’s work, the dimensions of the web threads were unevenly increased as an indirect reflection of the rough and wavy contours of her art.

Black was chosen to depict the web itself whereas a pale yellow was reserved for the background. Together, they created an ideal substrate for adding a palette of vivid colors that were utilized to create a range of unique object designs.