Hellenic Animal Welfare Federation

Branding, Graphic Design
The Hellenic Animal Welfare Federation is a second-tier organization for the protection  of animals. It was established in 2007 with the aim of incorporating all animal welfare organizations into a single body, so that all issues relating to the rights and protection of animals could be dealt with more powerfully and effectively.

The client requested an original visual identity that would be clear, dynamic and authoritative, and that would primarily convey the mission of the federation in terms of both range of scope (working domestic animals, productive livestock and pet animals, whether domestic or stray) and geographical reach (country-wide).

The task was approached by first designing a novel logo. To do that, the principal element of horizontal lines from the Greek flag was used as the foundation. Then, three simple and easily identifiable drawings of a representative animal from the three major categories were blended into the linear design. The composition was finally underscored by a color close to the flag’s recognizable blue. The other components of the visual identity material were created by using the basic elements of the logo, adding a number of bright complementary colors, and a clean, modern and well-designed font for the full name of the organization.