Sifnos Island Visual Identity

Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design
This is the winning proposal of the Arts Council competition for Visual Identity of the Cycladic island of Sifnos.

It would have been easy to use one simple symbol to base my design on, but the island of Sifnos has such a wealth of cultural characteristics, that it is impossible to single out just one feature. In my view it is the combination of landscape, arts and crafts, architecture and cultural heritage that creates a truly unique identity for the island.

This thinking led to a design that tries to encompass this thought.

A minimalistic sketch of Sifnos’ outline is used as a template because it a visually unique characteristic. Within the outline, six symbols denoting the island’s unique features slot seamlessly together, making the design so individual to the island that it works like its cultural fingerprint.

A strong, yet minimalistic typographical font is used for the name of the island in order to complement the design.


Photography: Nikolaos Probonas, George Probonas