Vrachoritiko – Ouzo and Tsipouro Packaging

Branding, Graphic Design, Packaging
West Greece Distillery (WGD) was founded in 1914 and is a family owned distillery located in Agrinio,  the largest city of Aetolia-Acarnania regional unit of Greece. Ouzo and tsipouro are the leading products that are produced by WGD and they both share the same name; “Vrachoritiko”, which means “from Vrachori”, the older name of Agrinio.

I was commissioned to design the new logo, the corporate identity of the company and also the packaging for ouzo and tsipouro, that are very popular and beloved Greek products.  The new packaging should be able to stand out among numerous products of local competition and at the same time to convey all the qualities and values that characterize the successful brand of West Greece.

During the design process, my goal was to bring out a Greek aura in a modern minimalistic way, avoid using all the clichés that someone can meet in packaging of traditional Greek products.  I decided to design a simple but memorable packaging, following the established color codes of the specific category of alcoholic drinks; Greek blue for ouzo and black for tsipouro. As a dominant element of the label, I chose a simple geometrical design of the letter “B” which is the initial letter of the name “Vrachoritiko” in Greek language; “Βραχωρίτικο”. The main inspiration for the design of the key visual was the simplicity of the Greek scenery and the minimalistic style of the Greek modern art,  resulting in a strong visual element.