Quince – Identity Design

Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design
Logo and identity design for Quince, a company located in Athens, Greece, specialized in strategic marketing, new product and concept development and communication.

Quince wanted to convey its values and different types of experience, establishing a strong position in the market. In order to achieve this goal, I was commissioned to create the identity of the company.

The symbol design was inspired by the name itself. The design approach combines a minimalistic-geometric design of this peculiarly shaped fruit and the form of the letter “Q”, the initial letter of the name Quince. The result is a strong and recognizable symbol. The letters of the logotype, following the design of the symbol, have the same aesthetic approach. The logotype radiates the profile of a solid, modern and extroverted company. A vibrant yellow resembles the quince and was chosen as the primary color which is a dominant in all the implementations of the identity, deploying its vividness to create a strong impression.