West Greece Distillery – Logo Design

Branding, Graphic Design
West Greece Distillery was founded in 1914 and is a family owned distillery located  in Agrinio, Greece. Among their constantly growing product range, ouzo and tsipouro are the leading products of WGD. For more than a century of experience, WGD has been combining tradition and quality producing successful products for the local market of Western Greece.

WGD has entered a new era and a strategic decision was taken:  to modernize its profile and diversify from rising local competitors. For this reason, I was commissioned to design the company’s identity and the packaging of the main products.

  The heart of the whole project was the logo design. The proposal I have come up with,  focuses on a symbol associating the initials of the name (WGD – ΠΔΕ in Greek) and the idea of the distillation process. The solution was to combine a simple element, like a drop, which represents the distillation and basic geometrical forms, creating a bold and unique typography. The resulting logo evokes a Greek essence of austerity and a company with a modern profile, blended together.